Meet Cheap Cowboys Anthony Hitchens Game Jerseys save money form online store here

Meet Cheap Cowboys Anthony Hitchens Game Jerseys save money form online store here

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Inexpensive. Worth the money. 6’0" 230 42 jacket got a little belly going and 2xl fits mostly relaxed but not flappy in wind or in ride. Material is medium thickness good for winter as it is now. Zipper pocket is a bonus. Again, very worth $20. Ordering a second now.
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When it comes to inexpensive cycling clothes, Tenn does it best IMO. I have several of their jersey’s and they are top notch for the price point. Fabric is good, fit is good, and design and features are good. I think the pockets are great on this jersey and I love the ruber band to keep it from riding up. I am 5’11" and 175#. This is a relaxed fit, but not too relaxed.
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